KG5RDF: DR1-X Allstar Controller


AllStarlink Node and Server Setup: 

o Sign Up, Request Node, Setup A Separate Server For Each Node

HamViop Image Setup Informations: 

o Download win32diskimager
o Download Latest Image
o Load Image On SD Card Via win32diskimager
o Setup Pi4 With Monitor And Keyboard. Monitor Is Video
o Power Pi4, Name: root, Password: root
o Follow The Prompts
o Make Sure To Upgrade The Image Prior To Making Custom Changes

Simple USB Tune Setup All Repeaters: 

Active simpleusb device stanza: [usb]
S) Select active USB device stanza
V) View COS, CTCSS and PTT Telemetry using real-time display
P) Print Current Parameter Values
2) Set Rx Voice Level (using display) 750
3) Set Transmit A Level 750
4) Set Transmit B Level 750
B) Toggle RX Boost Mode (currently Enabled)
C) Toggle Echo Mode (currently Disabled)
D) Flash (Toggle PTT and Tone output several times)
E) Toggle Transmit Test Tone/Keying (currently Disabled)
K) Manually key COS (currently Unkeyed)
F) Toggle PRE-emphasis Mode (currently Disabled)
G) Toggle DE-emphasis Mode (currently Disabled)
H) Toggle PLfilter Mode (currently Enabled)
Q) Toggle DCSfilter Mode (currently Disabled)
I) Toggle PTT Mode (currently active LOW)
J) Change COSFROM Mode (currently “usb”)
L) Change CTCSSFROM Mode (currently “no”)
M) Change RXONDELAY value (currently “0”)
N) Change RXAUDIODELAY value (currently “0”)

Image Changes All Repeaters rpt.conf:

o duplex = 2
o nounkeyct = 1
o holdofftelem = 1
o telemdefault = 0
o linkunkeyeyct = ct8 (Place “;” in front of this line)
o idrecordings = liDE KG5RDF/L (Remove “/L”)

Image Change All Repeaters Crontab:

o crontab -e: 00 0-23 * * * (Place “#” in front of this line)

DR1-X URI Interface, do not use DB15 Pin 4: